Monday, January 4, 2010


The New Year Can Start Now.
CCU Presents:



Hi, my name is T.R.Mayer aka Tokka (multiple personalities *sigh*)
 and I'm a freelancer :) A little bit about me:

I was discovered on 17.03.1979 in a chocolate
bonbon 50% Irish and 50% German in Berlin, Germany.

I started with the first cavepaintings
as I was able to hold a pencil.
After many years with various jobs,
 I decided to become a freelance artist to sell
my creative vein to other people.

Since then, I cheerfully create graphics, illustration and websites.
In my spare time I like to read webcomics
and look at digital art by other artists.

By the way I get my inspiration from movies and music.
They help stimulate me to paint something
 or get ideas for some new stuff.

Meanwhile, I compose and write songs
for small projects and work on small flash games.

                                           Cheers and all the best
                                           ur Tokka

CCU can't wait for you to return with more great artwork.
Wow. What a way to start the year off.
Be sure to check out all of Tokka's links.

Tell us what you think. Join the fun. Promote your work.


Ryan said...

That Stallone is great!


Wit said...

I agree. Tokka has some fine work. I like his style. -Wit

Anonymous said...

thx i'm glad u like it :) more art is coming soon and some stuff in the stallone style.

ur tokka

AndyCarolan said...

Excelent art as always tOKKA - Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

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