Monday, January 25, 2010

Legion of Super Oh-No

Once again The Android know as "STEVERINO"
reaches into the BIG BOX and pulls one out.
Not so fast. This is no winner.

The Legion of Super-Heroes
DC: No 308, Feb, 1984

"Prophecy of Doom"
Writter/Plotters/Penciller:Paul Levits-Keith Giffen
Inker:Larry Mahlstedt  Letterer:John Costanza 
Colorist:Carl Gafford

Ouch. This one hurts my android brain. It hurt me to read it.
It hurts me to talk about it. I feel pain just having it in The Big Box.
The pain comes because I'm a LSH fan.
This comic starts off on the right foot with an above average cover.
Then it happened. I dared to read the first page.
"...and the sky itself shall burn!" Ouch. I read on. I swear I did but
 I'll make this short and painless. This mag is a two story issue. 
LSH did that. That's cool. In fact I like that when I come accross it.
The primary story (the first story) is a thirteen page dud.

Just OK art and Super-Hero cliche's do a number on this book.
I'm Going to throw in an obscure Quote now. 
"There were flash backs, flash forwards
 and I think there was even a flash sideways." 
 - Madolyn Smith in the 1988 movie Funny Farm.

These two came on consecutive pages. How's your head?

Let me stop right here and sum this mess up.
A Priest leaves his planet (Trewsk) to lead a spiritual
convocation on Earth. His "sin of pride".
Of course Trewsk is destroyed while he is away.
Priest is given a "power".
Priest is no longer mortal.
Priest arrives on Khund followed be the Legion
Flash, Flash, Flash  "Omen approaches".

I can't figure it out. After saying how great and powerful
 "HE" is over and over our priest wants them to kill Omen?
"Will the Legionnaires ever be the same?"
A clever goof here is too easy. I'll spare you.
The second story is...well It's a LSH second story.

Colossal Boy (in his first solo) brings his new bride home.
Surprise! She's an alien. Yera from Durla.
Mom seems upset and gives Yera grief because her
home planet doesn't improve life for all on Durla.
Mom is the United Earths the way.
Surprise! She knew about the union and gives Yera
a Life Crystal as a "welcome to the family" gift.
"Oh, Mom."

Yeah. Enjoy those in-laws.
A throw in story that did try to fill some holes and bridge the
storyline with the first tale. Tried. It was not horrible.
Just lame.
 Thats a good word to end this weeks review on.
Feel free to miss this one and yes I'm still a
Legion of Super Heroes fan.
Here's something to make LSH fans smile.

Above Convention goers hit the mark with this group shot.

Above The CW's Smallville gets it right too.

Action Figures not dolls.


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