Monday, March 22, 2010

United Planet...Broken Legion

Steverino here to escort you into the future.
It's a frightening look at Earth
in the year 2994.
The Legion of Super-Heroes
DC Comics: NO 1, Nov, 1989

plot & pencils:Keith Giffen  diaologue:Tom & Mary Bierbaum
co-plot/inker:Al Gordon  letterer:Todd Klein  colorist:Tom McCraw

"Five Years Later"
It's dark. It's bleek. It's not much fun...and not a bad first story.
An attempt to revamp a "Team" title that was doing fine until
 the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" made it necessary 
to alter the status quo.
 Five years older and with the United Planets
about to collapse the LSH has been forced to disband.
Reep Daggle, aka Chameleon 'Boy'

wants to put the team back together.

That's the meat of it. It is confusing. There are no real costumes,
logos or super names. Just a brooding Rokk (Cosmic 'Boy') Krinn
without his powers (Due to a battle.The reader of this first
issue should fill in the blanks) and his pregnant wife Lydda.
He wants her "off planet". She won't go without him. Yawn.
Chem makes his pitch.

There is this cool retro look back.

And three pages of this stuff.

The story was more difficult than it had to be but 
Giffen and Gordon were setting the drama and feel for this
go 'round of the LSH. Cool blue bots, Polar Boy, A field
commander "Digby" (with a sweet scar) and one armed
"Loomis" round out the middle of this book.
With that in mind, it really wasn't a 
bad way to start. We, the reader are left to fill holes,
 but I still wondered what happens next.
Just good art and a rigid nine panel per page grid don't help.
 I'll look past that and see how the series progresses.

  This may be the best looking page in the comic.

I am glad I pulled this out.
 Now I've just gotta find "Emerald Dawn".


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