Monday, January 18, 2010

Alien Irwin Studios

Annnnd Lift-Off. We have lift-off.
For your pleasure CCU has docked Its space ship with:

Alien Irwin Studios

or Google "Spacescape Alien Irwin"

Some years back, when Spacescape was a script and optioned to
 a production office in Hollywood, the development director
 informed me that I was to have it co-scripted by someone
 that the studios would feel comfortable with,
since I alone was an unknown entity. Dan O'Bannon immediately
 came to mind, and we arranged a creative meeting
with him to bring him on board to co-script.

I had enjoyed his work on Dark Star and Alien,
 and I was really looking forward to his input.
He wasn't much help as it turned out, and the project
 of course went into turn-around. To be fair, his health had
 been impairing him at the time, and apparently since.
It's too bad we weren't able to work together,
but I was lucky to be able to spend the few hours
we did have kicking around ideas.

Working with no budget I thought I'd try making some
animated shorts on my own,
which you can see on my YouTube channel.
 In this way I thought I would bring alive the Spacescape universe,
 which was essentially an urban environment of the
"contemporary future",
 set in orbit. As I was shopping Hollywood again this new version
 of the original script, a copyright lawyer representing
comic artist Doug Tennapel and many other properties
suggested making the story into a graphic novel.

 At first I was reluctant to do so, because I wasn't sure
 if my skills as a comic artist were up to snuff.
On the other hand, I had done some of my own production designs
 so I thought I'd knock out a few pages.

Because of Spacescape's franchise nature this seemed
 like a logical sequence or progression. Fortunately,
an upstart cultural publication saw the pages I had done
and we agreed to publish Spacescape on a serial basis.
 Maybe the property hadn't become languid after all.


28-plus pages later, Book One is finally out and available
through IndyPlanet. Book two is already well under way.
Once Book two is finished I intend to make the rounds
at the cons, shop the production offices again, etc.

I think the story should register with readers as the reality of
space tourism and travel begins to capture the public's imagination;
 outer space developers, real estate speculators, space bangers,
 massive orbital junkyards, rocket-powered shopping carts--
it's all there!

Thanks for having us aboard Irwin.
We all loved the "Rotel". What a view.
CCU would like to invite you down to our humble
 "station" whenever you're in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea whose time has come. Perhaps you could mix in some contemporary political commentary.

Anonymous said...

"Contemporay future" indeed! Contemporay characters and aerospace concepts.

Walker, Il. Architect said...

Jeez! how much more garbage can a hotel in space jetison? seems there'd be room at the loading dock for a squad of homeless bum-o-nauts.

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