Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the Comic to the Comical

Today friends we're gonna leave the Big Box
alone and go on-line to pull out some pics of
Super Heroes.
 Real Super Heroes
Anyone who can dress like this in public is my hero.

Very good home made uni's. True to the 60's TV Batman and
70's Wonder Woman. How's the view up there Robin.
We know why you're smiling. 

Not a bad collection at all.
Martian Man-Hunter and Hawk Girl win this group.
Supergirl looks like she knows something we don't.
Batman doesn't have a clue.

Outstanding Doctor Octopus arms. 
It looks like they'll work. With six arms it'll take no time
 bringing that room into this century. 
That's a black and white TV. Isn't it.

Now that's a creative kid. He does look cool though.
What kid is this into Hawkman? 

Sweet Flash uniform. What adult is this into Flash?

Really a very tight collection. It's tough to pick a winner.
Great Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl.
I pick Captain Action.
Because I can...and I'll never get this chance again.
He's behind Blue Beetle's right shoulder...with the hat on.
I'm telling you...look at his face. He's a dead ringer. Look.

He wins on points.
That's all until next week. I gotta run. I have a five Thirty fitting. 


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