Monday, January 4, 2010

Captain America: Alive and well in 1984

Hello. Hello. It's Sunday again and I STEVERINO
have returned from the Big Box with an old friend.
Good ol'

Vol 1, No. 296, August, 1984

"Things Fall Apart"
Writer:J.M. DeMatteis  Penciler:Paul Neary 
Inker:Sam DeLarosa  Colorist:Bob Sharen  Letterer:Diana Albers

This book is obviously part (2nd) of a storyline that once again pits
Cap and his current side-kick (Nomad) against the Red Skull
and his current band of no-goodniks
(daughter Synthia known as Mother Superior
and her Sisters of Sin, and Baron Zemo) In a battle designed
to kill Captain America by making him old, weak and crazy
before the fight. The crazy part seemed to work best on Nomad.

By this point we've seen the Falcon doped
and taken in by the sisters as Wasp and Starfox discover
a vanished Berine Rosenthal (Caps chick)
and set off to assemble the Avengers.
We don't see the latter two again this issue.
After a bout with the robot of Caps missing buddy Arnie
Cap and Nomad (brought here in the previous issue)
set out to find the Skull and Zemo. 
They find the aged corps of Skulls right-hand man Horst. 
Our two heroes now realize how much Cap has aged himself.

They press on and come upon a
Berlin style lounge full of Arnie look-a-likes
and Mother Superior singing away until Nomad realizes what's
 been eating away at him. Posing as Scarlet (in issues 287-88)
Mother S brain washed him with a kiss or two.
Nomad has been dosing Caps drinks with a chemical
that reversed the effects of the
Super-Soldier Serum that made him Captain America.
"I'm the one who made you old!!" Nomad passes out.
He'll always be a side-kick.

A now old Captain sees his buddy Arnie on stage and
can't get to him right away. Arnie's mind pops as Cap reaches him.
Mother Superior appears and takes on a weak Captain America.

Cap is beat about the head and face
but decides to reason with her. Why not
She does not buy it. The Skull has raised her well.
Mother shows her cards, displays the captives and stabs
Captain America in the back as he looks on in horror.
More drugs. Cap is down.

Is it Zemo time yet?

It is indeed. Who is that boney looking dude behind him?
In the end we see Zemo and friend show up to finish
the job. It doesn't look good for the good guys.

I think they get out of this one. That fight was 26 years ago.

This Android did like the comic and will try
real hard to pull issue 297 out of The Big Box.
The issue had a good story, a sweet cover and great art.
I do wish they made Cap look as old as advertised
and Nomad (for some reason) annoyed me at first but 
by the end of the mag I liked how he balanced out Captain America.
Good stuff. I hope I pull one just as good next Sunday.
See ya.
Is he a made up hero?

Is he a real live Superhero?

I think he's both.


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