Monday, January 11, 2010

Nicholas P. Myers

Ladies and Gentlemen
The Handsome and Talented:

Nicholas P. Myers

I've been self publishing my own comics for over ten years.
I'm married with two beautiful little girls and they are very awesome
 to let me have time to continue my little dream
of becoming a successful comic book creator.
I formed my recent company. ANA Comics,
 with two other individuals,
 Anthony Hary from Minnesota and
Adrian Wilkins from Washington DC.

These are two individuals who share the same drive and passion
 in comics as I do and they also share my understanding of the
importance of our family during all of our efforts.
The REASON we are doing what we do is because of our family.

I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design
 and have always lived in West Michigan.
The books that I've published are

 and Harijan

 I'm now working on a webcomic by the name of

I've also participated in numerous publishing efforts
with short story collections with other local writers.

Here's the main link for our ANA Comics website:
Here's the direct link to my two webcomics that are running now.
TPANVB and reprinting in digital format, Oasis: Omnibus:
And here is some art for you:

Thanks a million for this!!!

Thank you Nick. What a treat.
That is quite a collection of work. Come back soon.
 You're always welcome at CCU.

Benefitting Breast Cancer Research
Details (at bottom of home page).
Attention Artists!! A.N.A. Comics is putting together
a Swimsuit Issue to benefit Breast Cancer Research
scheduled to print in October of 2010.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Sid. Thanks a ton for this!! It looks beautiful and thanks for pimping the Breast Cancer Awareness book we're working on.

ANMPH said...

Great interview. Nice to see Nick get some attention, we all know he loves it. lol. Thanks for taking the time. You guys have some great articles here and we're going to add you guys to our links on our blog. Thanks again.

Anthony Hary
A.N.A. Comics

Freddy said...

Great interview, congrats Nick!

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