Monday, January 11, 2010

Comic Book Covers We Forgot

They need love. Look 'em up won't you.

The Mighty Thor
Marvel: Vol. 1, No. 455, early Dec, 1992

A very nice cover. ODIN AMOK! I'll say. Odin looks nuts but he
has the hammer. Don't you love Thor's helmet/mask.
I wonder how long that lasted. It's really a dude named Eric.
Editors note to see THOR #441. I'll have to look that one up.
Interior art by Wyman/Milgrom is just as good.

Green Lantern
DC: Vol. 16, No. 104, May, 1978

Mike Grell

Another good one. It looks like a Marvel cover to me. 
I like the color in the word balloons. Who died?

"ITTY" GL's little alien pal. Itty doesn't bother to
come out of the grave until the very last panel in the book.
This comic has a silly story that brings forth Airwave 2
a 16 year old hero wannabe with a silly costume.
Airwave 2 does see action but he doesn't really help
 in this issue anyway. It's a set up for us to buy the next issue.
An effective cover did work. I picked up the issue. 

 What if?
Marvel: Vol. 1, No. 11, Oct., 1978

C'mon it's Kirby (writer/artist/editor) "nuff said".
Stan Lee as Mr. Fantastic
Sol Brodsky asThe Human Torch
Jack Kirby as The Thing
Flo Steinberg as The Invissble Girl
A Kirby cover followed by 46 pages of Kirby art.
What more can I say? It's a Kirby-a-rama.
Much fun was had in this "What If" a title that usually delivered.

We'll go now and bring back a normal comic review next Sunday.
Please don't leave in a snit.

The Twisted Tantrums of
The Purple Snit
Blackthorne Publishing Inc: No. 1, Oct, 1986

A fun well done cover. This Indy was well printed inside and out.
B &W book featuring this guy in an OK story.
I found the BPI's forthcoming comic book ads interesting:
I'll have to find those.

I must say when I pulled this mag out I was surprised to find
a little dude named "WIT".

Small world. Big teeth.


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