Monday, March 29, 2010

Luisa Felix Presents *CANDY BLONDELL*

A Star is Blonde.

In Hollywood:Candy Blondell
makes her stunning debut.




"CANDY BLONDELL" is a Nostalgia comic-strip about
the Retro old Golden Hollywood of the Past.
Candy Blondell is a waitress who became the
biggest star this imaginary Hollywood ever saw.
She is the Prototype who represents all Hollywood blondes.

 Created on August 15, 1986,
 she was inspired by photographs
I'd seen of actress JEAN HARLOW's face.

Painted white hair and very luminous.
Totally fake, yet attracting attention.

She started out in Silent-Films as an innocent heroine,
but became a favorite 1920's Flapper!

I figured that if I made my CANDY a flashy blonde,
 that she would attract attention too. I also felt
something was needed to compete against BETTY BOOP.
 Betty is thought of as the only female in cartoons of
importance. No one has ever competed against her
except CANDY BLONDELL. I asked myself,
"Why should Betty Boop be the only one in the game?
Candy was created specifically to be Boop's competition.

All movie stars change and develop/improve.
When Candy started out as a Silent-Film star, she used her
own natural curly hair and round eyebrows. This was the 1920's.

When Candy started out as a 1930's Talkies star,
she had a forced hair-do and pointed drawn eyebrows.
These are the two faces by which she is known by.

Below DOCILE POMPUS can be seen.
He is Candy's desperate and sneaky Hollywood Agent.
 She is always in a conflict with him.

See...Candy Blondell's role in "OBSESSION"

Buddy Dice and Candy Blondell's Publicity Photo.

See...Candy Blondell in "Bury Me Not".

 Some of her other roles include:
 The Ax Murderess "LIZZIE BORDEN",
 the Gun Moll in "Bonnie and Clyde" and as,
murder victim Dot King in "Broken Butterfly".
Other Co-stars Include:

Silent-Film queen,TIARA VAMP.
This is Candy Blondell's rival.
They are always fighting over everything.

The man CANDY loves but cannot get.

Jut Nozzle drinks coffee. A tough guy with orange hair.

And so many more...

I tried to get my "CANDY BLONDELL" animated
 cartoon on television.
Someday I will find the opportunity to have her film seen.
 It is only a matter of time before 
an audience does see her moving on the screen.

Also, we're working on my hand-drawn lettering
 to put together as a FONT for "CANDY BLONDELL's"
talk-Balloon dialogue in comic-strips. This new FONT
will speed things up so I can do more stories faster.

Cartoonist Luisa Felix does CHARLIE CHAPLIN.

Retro-Cartoonist Luisa Felix at MOCCA, year 2009.

What am I doing now?
Preparing for New York's MOCCA.
I am stapling booklets together to present to the audience.
"BURY ME NOT" is one of them. "OBSESSION" the other.

Cartoonists who quit their comic-strip without
thinking about their audiences feelings and needs!
I am not a quitter. Ever!

Is it hot in here..or is it Candy?
I think I've fallen for her. No doubt there's plenty
of other star-struck lugs below to break my fall.
Oh, Please say you'll plan a return engagement.
We here at CCU miss you already.
You can't see me but I'm blushing.


Ascot said...

I like the use of the heavy black outlines, they really make Luisa Felix's great cartoon drawings truly spectacular ... and her wit isn't too shabby either.

Ascot said...

I like the use of the heavy black outlines, they really make Luisa Felix's great cartoon drawings truly spectacular ... and her wit isn't too shabby either.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Luisa Felix passed away in her sleep at home in Hoboken, NJ. More information here:

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