Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fantastic Four + Four

Yes, it is I STEVERINO and yes, I pulled another
Fantastic Four comic from The Big Box.

Marvel: Vol 1, No 388, May, 1994

"Deadly is the Dark Raider"
Plot:Tom Defalco  Pictures:Paul Ryan  Script:Mike Lackey 
Inks:Dan Bulanadi  Lettering:Steve Dutro  Colors:John Kalisz

Yah, I liked this book.
Upon pulling it I was drawn in by the vintage theme,
costumes and Mighty Avengers.
 Look at the golden armor of shell head.
The issue starts off on the right foot
with a well balanced interesting cover.
So I read on.
We turn to page one and we watch.
We watch UATU the Watcher watching
Dark Raider the bad guy watching Franklin Richards the PSI LORD.
He's also future Reed and Sue's son.
They both watch as the future FF cast burst in on
past (Kirby era. Kinda cool) FF. This makes our past heroes unhappy.
They are looking for Franklin but old Ben doesn't care.
With the use of his time sled
Franklin has arrived and is on his way up
to the fun. How they all came to this point in time was not
delt with in this issue. I think I saw an editors note referring
to an earlier issue. Franklin arrives and makes things worse.
 Future Ant Man watches as fights break out
and decides to call in the ants in for help.
OK. Oldies Ant-Man Hank Pym catches the call for
the ant army and it's "Avengers Assemble" time.

In a great tribute to the Kirby style we are treated to vintage poses,
costumes and artwork. Well done.
The Avengers do assemble and head toward the distress call.
At this point Franklin shows himself. 
He's come to talk with vintage Reed.
"I'm your son!" but before he can go any further...

The Dark Raider. Do you see Franklin's Battle armor. It's a small
panel but well done. So far it's a fun read with great art.
Dark Raider wants to kill vintage Reed
 for reasons un-retold in this mag.
The inter-FF/Avengers fight goes on as
 Dark Raider moves toward Reed.

More great art. Sue and Reed do fight back as a now de-armored
Franklin pulls a mind meld trick and brings all our heroes together
to help vintage Reed. Sue is there first.

Ooops. It's a two for one shot. The teams are too late.
Read that last panel.
The Dark raider simply leaves. His task completed.

It is now time for the Watcher to act.

What a good book.
A strong story with the best line up you can think of.
Let's not forget the great art. "King" Kirby would be pleased.

Now, this comic was part of a month long tribute to
Jack Kirby who past away in February of 1994

"To Jack, Thanks for the memories."


Josh Reynolds said...

Nice. I always liked the Dark Raider.

Wit said...

He is cool. I'll have to follow the story into the next issue.

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