Tuesday, October 27, 2009


STEVERINO reporting in. Today this android has pulled out of The Big Box a must read. PURE ESCAPISM. I am pleased.

SUPERMAN #379 from 1983
"The Bizarro-Buster is Loose!"

First of all, what a great cover. A classic. Old printing technology, semi gloss cover, newsprint pages and a good story all made for a great reading experience. I don't know what it is about holding these older books in hand they just feel right to the touch.
Written by Cary Bates, Pencilled by Curt Swan, and Inked by Dave Hunt "The Bizarro-Buster is Loose!" opens with Bizarro #1 pleading with the Bizarro JLA to act fast or "us all am doomed" they do not act and one by one they am doomed. Exploding one at a time like the rest of Bizarro Earths population #1 sets off to duplicate his friends so he won't be lonely but, the poor saps duplicating machine is
"on the blink".
I'll quote it for you again because it so darn cool sounding "ME BORROW MACHINE AND USE IT ON SUPERMAN'S FRIENDS TO MAKE NEW BIZARRO FRIENDS FOR ME!
#1 or as he is also called The Thing of Steel heads away from his square planet toward our own Earth (several light years away) only to be followed by a wraith-like alien presence. We now cut over to our own Superman racing toward his fortress of Solitude to answer the hyper-sonic intruder alarm. Thats right folks it's Bizarro#1.

Look at the mess he made. How great is this page? Beautiful. Check out those very cool robots.
This is what I mean. Old school printing that's off just a little, great page design, and
"Great Krypton" super dialogue. A nice piece of art.
Come on it's 1983.
Earth one Superman does confront #1 Bizarro and both agree "friends".
Bizarro feels weak and dizzy as Superman spots the creature that followed him. Our hero throws Bizarro through the five foot thick wall to keep him safe. It doesn't work. Bizarro goes boom.
With the most powerful Bizarros energy now eaten the creature morphs and heads home.

Followed by Superman, the mysterious being arrives on Bizarro Earth and is attacked by a different group of creatures. Hang in there, here it comes. Supes being Supes helps the out-numbered
first critter. (because after all it is a life form) The second horde retreats and Superman thinks Bizarroland is lost when -BOOM! The bloated first creature explodes. This causes the consumed energy from the Bizarro people to reassemble back into... well, the people. #1 is back and takes Superman to hear the whole story.
A Bizarro Lex Luthor? Yes. Seeing an approaching horde that feeds on synthetic Bizarro-molecules he has saved the day by converting most Bizarros into a completely different form that together will be strong enough to repel the invading creatures. He was wrong and luckily Superman was there with his heat vision. Everybody wins. Superman wishes that his Lex shared their sense of moral obligation. His words.
A great Magazine.( look. It's called that on the cover ) I'm glad I was programed to read this for you.
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