Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Magnus Maximus

I have read your Earth diary Gold Key Comics "Magnus Robot Fighter"#32 from 1972.
It tells of his exploits in the year 4000A.D.. A fellow time traveler. That's a nice surprise.
Magnus thwarts Mekman (a human covered in a metal skin) from building replacements of the local government,... hmmm... then the people of North Am and soon the world. How does he do it? Magnus has a fellow prisoner fake an illness then lets the robot guard have it and manages to freeze Mekmans skin off. Simple. This all leads to a showdown with himself. A nice twist even though we can see it on the cover. (Yes, they are fighting on the cover) He proceeds to wear the mech him down until wham it's over. "We must always be on our guard for others like Mekman...our job is not over!" ends the tail. I like this Magnus and can't wait to meet him.

It's a good read from the 70's. Check this out from 1994...

VALIANT'S: MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER#35. He's got even less costume this go 'round.
No boots. Technically that leaves him in only a shirt. No, no let me get that off the top shelf for you. I insist.


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