Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From the Big Box

STREVERINO has done it again. Your android friend pulled a long lost winner this time. It says so on the cover... four times. Thats cool but then McFarlane and the editors felt they had to swear at us. I quote #@*!! end quote. That does not compute. This week your loyal robot brings you:

 Marvel Comics' SPIDER-MAN #6 "MASQUES" 
part 1 from 1991
 Yes that's SPIDER dash MAN
Artist, Writer: Todd McFarlane 
Letters: Rick Parker   Colors: Gregory Wright

Surely, McFarlane is great. Look at his cover. A now ( in 2009 ) cliche spidey pose and trend setting web design was fresh at the time. I think that's how cliches are born. I like it. He pushed the envelope and ripped it apart. Turning to the inside pages we can quickly see the direction of this two parter. Dark. Well... darkish. The choice of colors in this mag is brilliant and fitting of the story line. Muted at times, the white borders and word balloons break up the full pages of splash art and color. It really does set the tone for a story that opens with a ranting Hobgoblin hearing voices and answering them back. We learn that he is taking sinners, young and old and killing them to save them. We are treated to a very Spawn like goblin. Well done.
After doing away with a young lads mother "She's in a better place" ( ho hum ) Hobgoblin has found the ward he's been missing. His "Disciple". Where is this going?
Cut to Spidey and MJ ( married at this point ) cut to surprise guest-star Ghost Rider doing his thing. Cut back to spidey sneaking out to do his thing. More full page web slinging follows. In full flight with his new friend Gobbey bombs his former hide out with live souls still in it.
Ghost Rider looks on.

And so with this outrage going on Spider dash Man sets off to track the Hobgoblin. How does he track a flying villian? Computers? Spidey senses? Would you believe a coke head. Word of mouth leads us to his gutter. How he knows is left for us to overlook.
Ghost Rider also goes to the street to find a flying goblin. With less fooling around and more blood he gets a fix on the location too. Thank God for coke heads and pornographers.

Having converted the boy, goblin sets his sights on everyone else. "others will soon follow".
Enter Spider-Man "stay here kid" You'll be safe?  BOOM! Hobgoblin throws a very cool pumpkin at the pair. What makes the bomb so cool? The carved mouth is The Batman's logo ( see cover scan ) I'm sure of it. I'm also sure that the coke head Spidey shook down was the Joker's twin. What gives? What's McFarlanes deal?
Our young victim stops the action saying "Don't hurt him, he's trying to do good". We are shown the boy who now looks to be turning into a little goblin himself. I think this is such a nice twist. It makes you want to go out and buy the next issue for sure. And "The spirit of vengeance races closer."
( see Ghost Rider ).
This was a nice pull from the Big Box. I must say this android was not a huge McFarlane follower but, good is good and I'm not above reprogramming. I just hope I can pull out part two.

To the left we see our Joker like coke-head helper. Told you. I'm right aren't I. To the right we have a sweet innocent child no more. I had to show you. See you next week.


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