Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Steverino here. I have been programmed to review the human diaries known as "Comic Books". Every Tuesday I'll be grabbing random issues out of the "big box" and reviewing them for you the reader!

This week we're going to review a book from 1983 by the DC Universe; 'Infinity Inc. #1'. The series is a Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway, and Mike Machlan creation that focuses on the descendants of iconic heroes in the DC Universe. Keep in mind this all takes place on Earth 2 - pre-crisis.

An ordinary meeting between the JSA is interrupted by some punk kids who want to join. Without asking any questions the Green Lantern says to the rest of the JSA "let's handle the party crashers". Of course their idea of handling party crashers is to lasso them all up and then let them go four panels later.
"There, now you've learned your lesson party crashers! Teach you to interrupt our meeting! Now tell us your names and origins for 14 pages... we'll finish our meeting later.
The four wannabe heroes are turned down and on their way out the door as two other heroes enter to try and gain acceptance. For some reason the first four decided not to have the common courtesy to let them know the JSA isn't hiring and we see the same exact fight. To no surprise they are also turned down. (The second two are actually Green Lantern's kids; Jade and Obsidion.) He doesn't know that yet even though he vaguely remembers some sort of past event, possibly conceiving children but then again that's really a memory not worth holding on to is it?
Two members of the JSA; Huntress and Power Girl are offended by the notion that maybe the JSA doesn't need more youngsters and they leave. The Star Spangled Kid wanted to revolt with the two JSA women but he left his spine in his locker. As the issue ends the villain Brain-Wave enters through a wall leaving readers with a cliff hanger until the next issue.

This book has great artwork that is highlighted by the costume choices (especially the Robin suit). This being the first issue seems to serve as a building block for the rest of the series. I am the android known as Steverino - I am partial to heavy doses of action. This was around a 56 issue series so I am as optimistic as a robot can be.

I leave you now with a quote from the book by the Earth 2 Green Lantern: "I'm -- not sure I know what you MEAN -- but I'd know if I had a family, I'd know about it, wouldn't I?"


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