Monday, May 3, 2010

Mike Spicer

Cartoonist and Illustrator

Mike Spicer

I am a freelance cartoonist and illustrator based in
 Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.
 I have been a contributor (of) newspaper editorials and book illustrations.

I create humorous custom cartoons and caricatures
 for private and commercial clients.
I always begin with pencil on paper and hand ink my artwork.

I feel this maintains a connection to the work.
 I am comfortable with colouring by hand or digitally,
without over-using the "bells and whistles" of the latter.

I like to maintain a certain "raw" look.
I feel my style lends itself to fit a variety of applications.
 Very approachable to discuss commissions and client needs.

"Celebrity Clerks" depicts humorously, people of note
behind the cash-register of a convenience store.
The subject matter ranges from those currently in the public eye
 to those that are out of the loop,
but en grained in our collective conscience.
 And some off the wall stuff too..

"Celebrity Clerks" has been very well received
on Internet social networks, enjoying very positive feedback,
 and the online creative community.


celebrity clerks blog:

my fb fanpage:

celebrity clerks fb page:

Thanks Mike. It's always nice to meet an artist who's
taking the hands on approach.
CCU gives you a big hand for your great work and would like
to extend our hand to you with the hope you'll come back
 and show off some more fine artwork.


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