Monday, May 17, 2010

William Agosto is "Knot Rite"

William Agosto's

"Knot Rite"

I'm a graphic artist with a flair for cartooning.
 My cartooning work has been published in the UA Journal,
 Lighthouse Digest, and cgmagazine (Celebrating Greyhounds).

My work has been seen in corporate and union newsletters.
 I've worked in a variety of companies in their respective art departments.
 Working on corporate presentations, web site design,
 interactive presentations, animations, and general production work.

My current original cartoon is called "Knot Rite".
 Knot Rite was born from my warped quirky sense of humor.
 Some have called me "not right" due to my sense of humor,
 thus the title of the cartoon. It's subject matter is about anything.
Animals, humans, relationships, puns. Anything that finds
its way into my cranium looking for release in a humorous way.

I continue to sketch ideas for my "Knot Rite" cartoon.
 Currently Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine is running some
 of my greyhound related cartoons. Rhode Island Monthly
 has an article slated for publication in the July 2010 issue
 about me and my cartooning. And I'm always on the lookout
for that next interesting project.

My Web Site:



Thanks William for giving us an inside look at a pro in action.
We want you back, but not any wouldn't be right.


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