Monday, May 24, 2010

Denver Brubaker – Cartoonist

Denver Brubaker Presents

Denver Brubaker is a freelance cartoonist from Ann Arbor, MI.
 He is the creator of the Tales of a Checkered Man comic strip
 which made its internet debut on April 6th 2010.


TOACM is Denver’s love-letter to everything he loves about comics –
 mixing the 3-4 panel humor strips with the pulpy adventure serials.
 His main character; a caped, mask-wearing mystery man,
 has just begun his life as a crime-fighter and is learning
the ups and downs the hard way with the reader looking on.

Denver has drawn comics for as long as he can remember.
 This included a weekly comic strip in his college newspaper
 called Alligator Man on Campus.
 He actually drew the sketch that would later develop
into his patterned-protagonist way back in 1989!
He self published a handful of TOACM comics
 in the late 90’s and mid 2000’s.

Denver uses a mix of traditional and newer digital methods
 to produce TOACM. He typically writes full scripts,
 then pencils and inks his strips by hand on Bristol board –
 he colors and letters his work in Photoshop and Illustrator.
 Denver thinks digital tablets are neat and all,
 but doesn’t see himself switching to them anytime soon.
 He likes the tactile feel of paper and pencil
 and enjoys ink-stained hands.

Some of Denver’s favorite comic artists are
Mike Mignola, Bruce Timm, and Jack Kirby.

TOACM has gained some kind words early on:

“This work is just stunning and I cannot wait to see more.”

"I really dig The Checkered Man!
Solid art with fun puns! That's the best and rarest team-up going!"
-CHRIS YAMBAR (Bart Simpson Comics / Mr. Beat)

“…off to a great start!”

“LOOKS fantastic--very cool style, crisp and clear work…”
-TODD DEZAGO (Perhapanauts / Tellos)

“Great stuff!”
-RICHARD STARKINGS (Comicraft / Hip Flask)

Currently, TOACM runs twice a week with
 new comics posting on Tuesday & Thursday.

Denver is always open to taking on commission work
 and suggests that you contact him at
 for more information.

What can we add that the experts haven't already said...
swoop in with new artwork any time you're ready.
CCU is quite down-to-earth so heights won't be a problem.
Thanks for sharing this fine toon and come back soon.


Gulzar said...

These are so sleek and has an immense graphic appeal :)

Wit said...

I agree. Denver packs a lot into a few panels.

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