Monday, April 26, 2010

Chris MeaD and Harrison Ambs " Distilled Reality"

They're young and they've got something to say about life...

Chris MeaD and Harrison Ambs

Hi, I'm Harrison. I'm one of the guys on Distilled Reality
(the one with the bitchin' goatee)

-Harrison, No one thinks your goatee is bitchin'.

That's Mead. And I think my goatee is bitchin, so obviously
SOMEBODY does. Therefore your argument is invalid.

-You're invalid. And you don't count, because it's YOUR goatee.
Remember when I drew racing stripes on my shoes because
 I said they would let me run faster?
You told me that my opinion doesn't matter,
 because physics said it couldn't happen. This is the same thing.

Not really. Physics doesn't decide the bitchin'ness of goatees.
Besides, racing stripes don't make things go faster.

-Then why are they on race cars?

Because it looks better on camera, I think.

-Then why do people go to the track,
if the cars look better on camera?

Probably for the same reason that a concert is always better
 than listening to music on a CD in your house.

-Then why don't people do what we did a few years ago
 and trick a band into playing at their party?

Yeah, I can't believe they fell for that.
Or that you were able to make a neon sign
 and turn your place into a bar that quickly.

-You'd figure the fact that it was in an apartment complex
would have given it away, but go figure.
Oh, remember how you got drunk and broke the drum set?

I didn't break it. Don't listen to him.

-Okay fine. Remember how you got drunk and
creatively disassembled the drum set? That was awesome.
 I have pictures of it on my flickr. They were so pissed at you.

Not as pissed as they were at you for not paying them.

-I offered to design their t-shirts! And I gave them like, two drinks.

You gave them two drinks total, not each.
Even I thought that was a dick move.

-Heh, you said 'dick move'.

I think we're supposed to be talking about the comic.

-Nice transition.

Like I was saying, I'm Harrison.

-And I'm MeaD.

Why do you do that?

-Do what?

Capitalize the last letter of your name like that?

-I have no idea what you're talking about.

Anyway, I'm Harrison, that's Mead-


What's the difference?

-The difference in what?

The letter...nevermind. Anyway, we're graphic designers in
Cleveland, Ohio, and we work for an advertising....
seriously, do you pronounce it differently or something?

-What? How can you not tell? You're in the room with me.

But this is text.

-Then how are we talking?



What was that? How did those dots get there?

-I don't know, man. I just say we bail and get out of here.



Distilled Reality is the story of two post-graduate twenty-something
 graphic artists struggling to keep their independence and
 wonder in a world of conformity.
Some(often)times this gets them into more trouble than it should.

The structure of the comic is divided up between long stretches of
 storylines with the garnish of a few one-off comics here and there.
 We've structured the site and built the updates in such a way
that if you come into a story mid-steam, there's a link available
that will take you right back to the first comic in the series.
This way you're not confused and can easily find your place.

The topics are very much grounded in the real life experiences of
 Harrison and Mead. Now, we've taken certain liberties with it,
but for the most part the central theme is something
that's actually happened with us.
The characters reflect ourselves to a small extent,
but we've tweaked them to nearly the breaking point,
and they've taken on a life of their own.
We kept the style black and white because it focused
 more on the lines and less on the bright colors.
Besides, we deal with color all day, it's nice to have a break.

Distilled Reality can be found on Twitter, Facebook

CCU can't decide who got the better of that banter...
but it was fun to watch you guys go at it.
Distilled Reality is just as fun to read...and we will.

We look forward to posting more of your wit
and your strips very soon.
Fight it out, and will the last man standing please
send us more artwork!


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