Monday, April 12, 2010

Ryan Pagelow's "buni"


Ryan Pagelow

Ryan Pagelow has drawn comics for most of his life.
His work appears in Mad Magazine, newspapers, and online.
He was one of the 10 finalists in the
Comic Strip Superstar Contest hosted by
and also earned the
Charles Schulz National College Cartoonist Award.

When he is not working as a photojournalist,
Ryan draws the comic strips Pressed and Buni.
Raised in Madison, Wisconsin, he worked in Italy and Argentina
before ending up in Chicago where he now lives.

Buni is a dark comedy revolving around
a hopelessly optimistic loser bunny named Buni.
The girl he loves doesn’t love him back.
His boss doesn’t respect him,
 and he usually fails at whatever he tries.
 However, he remains unfazed and excited about life
with his endearing snaggle-toothed grin.

Buni was selected as one of 10 finalists in the

I created this comic strip when I heard about the contest because
 I couldn’t submit previously published comics.
I had only three weeks until the deadline. I needed something quick
and this strip has been in the back of my mind for a long time.
 I have always wanted to do a tragic depressing comic
drawn in a Hello Kitty happy-dappy-doo style. Buni was the result.

I wanted to incite a different kind of laugh
than those normally found on the funny pages.
Less of a ha ha laugh, and more of a “poor guy” laugh,
 if that makes any sense. You just feel bad for the guy.

It’s my first comic that only appears online
and not in any newspapers
 so it feels like I have more freedom to draw the comics
 any way I want,
 though I usually stick to standard daily and Sunday comics sizes,
 just in case. I’m also working in color,
which I normally don’t get a chance to do too often.

I just do what I think is funny.
 There has to be a few more people on the planet
 that have a similar sense of humor.
 Unless, of course, I’m completely insane.

To view more "buni" comic strips visit

You are not insane. Well, not completely.
 "Buni" is funi. Watching that fuzzy little guy come back for more
again and again reminds us all to keep plugging away at life.

CCU is rooting for Buni. This strip is already a hit and
we are proud to help bring it to the masses. 
We want to see him win, we do...just not yet.
Thanks Ryan. We'll talk again.


Sheryl said...

"You just feel bad for the guy."
Wow, yes, you really do.

Anonymous said...

I love this comic! I just found it today, and I immediately put a link to the site as my Facebook status. (I said that anyone who likes Lio will like Buni, which is high praise indeed.) Keep up the great work!

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