Monday, April 5, 2010

Ryan Pagelow's "Pressed"


Ryan Pagelow

Ryan Pagelow has drawn comics for most of his life.
 His work appears in Mad Magazine, newspapers, and online.
 He was one of the 10 finalists in the
 Comic Strip Superstar Contest hosted by
and also earned the
Charles Schulz National College Cartoonist Award.

When he is not working as a photojournalist,
 Ryan draws the comic strips Pressed and Buni.
 Raised in Madison, Wisconsin, he worked in Italy and Argentina
 before ending up in Chicago where he now lives.

Pressed is a comic strip for people who love newspapers.

Depicting the people behind the news, Pressed shows a reporter
and local politician butting heads,
 a sportswriter trying to be supportive of the local team as
it loses season after season, a photographer trying to get his shot
 while camera hungry people poke their heads in
 to try to get “on TV” and a frequent letter-to-the-editor writer
 venturing out into the blogosphere.

Pressed also offers a comedic look at the
 wider media landscape of 24-hour news cycles,
 Internet “news” and blowhard punditry, as well as the everyday
office politics of adults confined to shared cubicles.

Started in October 2008, Pressed has run daily in the
Lake County News-Sun in Illinois, online and in
 university papers in Madison and Milwaukee.

To view more Pressed comic strips visit

"Pressed" is a top-notch strip,
but that didn't stop Ryan from going that extra mile
to produce more outstanding fun. 
CCU is proud to bring him back for a second week.
(That's a CCU first)
Monday, April 12th 
You'll meet the one and only 

Don't miss Part Two.


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