Monday, February 15, 2010

Whole Lotta' love

Love is in the air. Happy "V" Day.
Love is also in the comics. Because of the February the 14th
holiday, your android buddy pulls from the Big Box
examples of comic love run amuck...awwww.

From DC's "Catwoman" 1989.
So sweet I think I'm gonna be sick...nope just a hair ball.

From the sweet to the strange.
DC's "The Question" out of 1989.
The question is, why isn't Riddler smiling?
He must have seen this cover art.

Marvel's 1983 "Avengers" shows us some lovin in the mail room.
How many heroes does it take to lick a stamp?
Hawkeye is a dog...and "the man".

Same book. Wasp and Yellowjacket manage
get hitched. Still weird.

This is even weirder.
DC's "Tails of the Legion of Super-Heroes" 1984.
Blok gets a kiss from Phantom Girl.
She's gonna loose a thooth.

"Avengers" 1976
Vision is a fellow android and Scarlet Witch is holding
a cool green snake/brain looking thing. 
I see nothing wrong here. let's move on.
DC's "The Adventures of Superman" 1991
I don't quite know what to think.
It is a very nice cover. I bought the book, so it worked.
It's the tombstone. The maker of this marker
 must have been paid by the letter.

Of course we have this. Pete and MJ.
That comes to us from this whole storyline...

 Ah, well. Marvel in the 80's.
At least it's not DC in the early 90's. See below.

1993 saw DC produce "Star Trek" in it's normal
"good cover bad interior art" format.
This panel is something else though.
He loves his engine room and its toys. That's cool.
But, do they really expect us to buy that accent?

That's it, you lover of comics, you patron of the printed art.
Settle into bed with your loved one and a good book.
You win.


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