Monday, February 1, 2010

Preston "Chudd" Asevedo

Are you sitting down? Good.
Put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride.
Don't worry he won't hurt you,
but you may never be the same.

Preston "Chudd" Asevedo

That's him.

What's shakin' guys an gals! Let me introduce you to
my horrifically scare-tastic art. My name's Preston "Chudd" Asevedo.
 I'm the co-creator of a book called "Rockabilly Roadtrip", and
have had the privilege of working on a number of
other great projects by some really fantastic creators.

Here's my story:
 I've been working as a professional artist in Louisiana since I was 18.
 My original goal was to work for Marvel, but I got side-tracked
and stuck in the grind, for what seemed like an eternity.

It wasn't until hurricane Katrina annihilated
everything I had worked for, that I finally woke up.
That was, what I like to call;
"The best thing that ever happened to me".
 So, I started looking for a job in comics.
It was then, that I met up with the insanely mad
Jesse Wroblewski, and his "Puppet Terrors."

His artist had left him hanging on his Puppet Terrors series,
 so he hired me on to finish the job.
Then, we teamed up to create the wildest ride ever;
 "Rockabilly Roadtrip"; not my best work,lol!

But, I learned a lot from it. We plan on continuing
"Roadtrip" in the near future.

After "Roadtrip" I knew I needed to build up my resume in comics,
 and widen my range a little. So I hooked up with
the scare-tastic Robert Heske.
 I did a few covers and a short for his "Bone Chillers" anthology.

Then it was on to "Jesus Hates zombies" and
 "Vessel" graphic novels, as well as a slew of others.

above: "Jesus Hates zombies"

above: "Vessel" pinup

 above: "Vessel" page 2

above: "Vessel" page9
Just when I got noticed by a top writer in the comic industry,
 my marriage of 16 years came to an end, along with my ability
to put my all into those opportunities. As a result, I really lost out.
Now I'm back, like a heart attack.
 Better than ever, and sicker than a Rob Zombie film.

above: "Bobo" page 5

above: "Bobo" page 7

above: "Waiting Room" page 1

above: "Waiting Room" page 4
I'm not too proud to say;
"Hire me if you like me." I mean it! I need work, lol.
I'm crawlin out of my skin over here. I need to draw baby!

above: Zuda
So drop me a line, look me up on Facebook,
or just send me an email.
Also, keep a look out for the all new Rockabilly Roadtrip.
It's gonna be a wild ride!

"Gonna be"? Thanks for the trip Preston.
Your art is full of raw emotion. That'll take you somewhere.
We'll be right behind you.
CCU hopes to catch up with you again. Maybe on the next lap.


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