Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not '3D'. Just Double 'D'.

I, STEVERINO have returned yet again
 to pull from the Big Box something you may have missed
...or not. This comic might have poked you in the eyes
and said "Buy Me" or at the very least
"Pick Me Up and Fondle Me".

Blue Bulleteer
AC Comics (Americomics): No. 1, 1989

"Double Trouble for Lady Luger"
story/layouts:Bill Black  pencils:Bill lux  inks:John Dell & Bill Lux
letters:Walter Paisley  grey tones:Rebekah Black

Where to start? When I reached into the Big Box and
grabbed onto this I was at first a little intimidated
and then became exicited. I thought "great I'll read
this thing and rip it for the obvious over-the-top
 female exploitation that was/is AC Comics".
I...I...can't. I want to but, I can't.

After being treated to an eye catching full color Eisner'esque
cover I was let down a bit to find an all black and white interior.
I got myself together and read on.
Less than great, but not that bad artwork with decent
splash/pin-up pages kept me moving forward...
not to mention the snappy dialogue. Please see above.

We begin the epic in a flashback. Uh oh.
Rita Farrar known as Rio Rita does battle with Nazis
 in the 40's along with fellow "Colorado Project" (special
American soldier) Dan Barton aka "Black Commando"
(He's a white dude in a black costume). 
Barton buys the farm and funding is cut for the
experimental program. Rita's boyfriend Jack Lodge has been
inventing the sci-fi equipment used in the program.
The USA wants none of it. (I chose to overlook that)
Barton's Girl (a senators daughter) Laura Wright
trained by night to keep up the good fight with guns and
a very skimpy costume. (I couldn't overlook that)
She's the "Blue Bulleteer". Right?

Or, is she?

 The inventor Jack Lodge makes use of his toys that include
a flight suit and magnetic weapons (that the US didn't want)
to become the "Blue Bulleteer".
I know but, it does make a good sub-plot.
OK. Back to the present but still the 1940's.
We readers are then given a glimps of "Der Fuhrer" himself.

Enter the villains. Voltzman who just perfected a
teleport system and Lady Luger who just walked through
this system and feels great. They want to bring more troops over.
Lady Luger can't wait for them so she aims to sabotage
the first large event she can find. Guess who's in attendance.
A little fire breaks out and when the panic starts
it's BB time.

Luger is beat and scrams "schnell" but Blue bulleteer is down
and about to burn. Who'll save the day?
 The other Blue bulleteer? Yup.

Our buttonless she-villain is not happy and targets
 the senators daughter for "der schnatch". Her words.
She nabs Laura during a night-time stroll and ties her up.
You had to know that was coming.
Laura's silent signal device tips off the FEMFORCE
(I don't know if the US knew about that device)
and they tell her father just as the male "BB" arrives.
Back out the window he flew and... smash he enters the
lair allowing Laura to sneak away and get back into that
Superhero...well, underwear.
 "Now you know why I'm called the Blue Bulleteer!"
BB shoots a henchman to save her friend. 
Her male counterpart fights off Nazi thugs as
Lady Luger runs to the roof.
Blue Bulleteer (female) soon follows
and is again caught in a bad yet sexy situation.
I refer you to our cover.


That's how it ends. It's compleately predictable except
for that punch in the face. Lady Luger will be back and I'm
sure they'll work the whole name thing out.
Like the last panel says "more 40's fun" will be had next issue.
I think the fact that this was kept simple and let's face it
skimpy made it a fun read. If you don't take it too seriously and
 overlook a few things (like the fact that our heroes are the
"Blue" Bulleteer in a black and white mag.)
you might want to come back for more.
It was a nice throwback to simpler times.
There was a second story.

A re-print from the 40's. Same type of story and ending.
This has great art by Bill Ward and features Rita Ferrar as
"Bullet Girl" along with Jack lodge as our hero.
Good clean fun. I am pleased.
What about this? I found it and had to share.

Find more of this here.
The well made costumes and more than cheezy, over the top,
cable TV'ness of it all makes it worth a look.

Annnd where does this guy fit in?

more here.

or him...

more here.
I could go on. Who knew?


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