Monday, February 22, 2010

Kyle Ferrin

What can I say people?
You are in for " Extra Precious Experience...".

Kyle Ferrin

I was born in the Great State of Utah around 23 years ago,
and have lived in a town called Farmington for a majority on my life.
 My first introduction to comics was from watching the
X-Men and Batman TV shows on Saturday mornings before
going out to work in the orchard or shovel the snow.
I'm the oldest of eight kids, and as my mom always says,

 "We just didn't know you were anything special
 when it came to art
until you went to kindergarten, because
we had nothing to compare
a 4 year old who could draw Garfield strips from memory to."
(I think my mom still has some of those Garfield drawings.)

I've loved illustration my whole life, and I'm currently going to
 University to get a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design
with an Illustration emphasis. When I'm not doing four times the
 work load of other students, (this is not a joke,
my professors give me extra work so I don't get bored,)
 I'm working from home on social media websites like Twitter.

I LOVE Twitter. You should definitely follow me!
or to get straight to some of the pictures I've posted to twitter,

You may notice from some of those pictures that
I'm a HUGE fantasy nerd in addition to loving comic books.
I play Dungeons and Dragons, and I keep a blog
with mainly just artwork in relation to that great hobby:

I'm also a big science-fiction appreciator, and
most other things associated with
the stereotypical nerd are applicable.
 I'm happy to live in a generation where being a nerd is "cool".
 I think I figured out when I first got to high school that if
you are popular in Junior High, you will be greatly outnumbered
by the unpopulars when you move up to high school...
and then be forgotten. Nerd power.

(To give an example, as a senior in highschool,
 I was voted to be "king" in the school Christmas dance. At the time,
 I had braces, a roller backpack,
 rode the bus to school, had a cast on my left arm,
 and was the lead in the school musical. Nerd Power.)

Recently, with the help of one of my Twitter friends,
I got a comic strip website together about my life.
It's called " eXtra Precious experience..." and this is the link:
There's only about five comic strips on there right now,
but I've only had it for 2 weeks, and I'm still working out the kinks.

And yes, I really do have a red-plaid hoodie
that I wear all of the time.
 Extra Precious updates every Monday and Thursday for now,
 but may update more regularly when summer rolls around.

I love doing commissions, and I'm pretty versatile
when it comes to different art styles. When I'm not drawing strictly on
 Adobe Illustrator or Corel Painter,
you can find me watercolor painting
or putting some good old fashioned pencil to paper.
(In fact, some of my favorite work can be found
amidst the notes of my non-art classes.)

I just got a scanner,
 and I will be posting these doodles on another blog called

I appreciate Comic Creators United showcasing my work,
and although I'm not as polished an artist with as large a portfolio
as some others, I've got talent, and I think I'm doing pretty good
so far for being a 22 year old who has been married for a
 little more than a year. ;D Thanks for checking out my work!

Good stuff, Kyle.
 " eXtra Precious experience..." can't miss.
CCU is proud to have such fine up-and-coming talent on board.
You can create more artwork but, we'll still want more.
Thanks and come back soon. 


Kyle Ferrin said...

Man, this guy sounds like a major stud.

Wit said...

What's he gonna do next?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kyle is the bomb.

David Dille said...

Way to be cool, Kyle.

Anonymous said...

Kyle is pretty much amazing.

Emily said...

Hooray for Kyle! Awesome. So exciting to see your work showcased!

Anonymous said...


Daniel said...

Great work, Kyle! : )

Anonymous said...

Kyle, you're amazing. Its only fitting that you're beginning to get the attention that you so richly deserve.

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