Wednesday, July 21, 2010

REVIEW: "This Little Piggy GETS EVEN!"

It is with great pleasure that your friends at
Comic Creators United
recommend completely the great collection
from Francis Bonnet and his "Suburban Fairy Tales".

"This Little Piggy GETS EVEN!"

Add 100 pages of an outstanding cast and fun
 that never stops along with several sweet story arcs
throw in great writing, art, a rad egg and a Pied Piper
that will make you laugh every time
and you've just read a winner.

It's a slice of the life that we all wanted.
 We join the gang at home and in school as they deal
with their enchanted youth. What could go wrong?

Just ask Little Pig #3...
He's the one running from the wolf.
Look over there it's the Frog Prince. Go on kiss him.
Pinocchio tells it like it is...he has to.

I found that once I started reading this collection
I had to finish it right away.
That's how I felt in my youth reading "Peanuts",
"Family Circus" and the like.
"This Little Piggy GETS EVEN!" brought me back.

Francis in his wisdom has also included
 from his sketchbook a love story.
A frog, a puppet and "Red" work it out in a story 
that's presented to us in its raw state.
It works. As the reader and comic fan
 I thought it was a nice look at the creative process.

The following strips are also in their rough state
 and are not included in this collection.
They are a gift from Francis to all of us.

Don't miss this collection.
Click here for your own copy.
Follow the gang three times a week here.

It was a thrill to be able to review this great book
Francis bonnet has a winner on his hands.
CCU loved it.



Sheryl said...

Suburban Fairy Tales is one of my favorite comics running right now and the title is very fun and clever, using a popular children's rhyme. Overall, I'm excited about the book!

Wit said...

So am I, Sheryl. It's very good. I'll be ordering one for sure.

Hanna Hilton said...

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