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A New Collection From

Francis Bonnet's

"This Little Piggy


Official Book Summary:

SUBURBAN FAIRY TALES, the popular web comic by Francis Bonnet, returns in an action-packed, all-new volume!

Featuring a cast of your favorite fairy tale characters thrown into a modern suburban setting, THIS LITTLE PIGGY GETS EVEN continues the adventures of Frog Prince, Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and more as they make their way through high school! As an exclusive bonus, this book features an original sketched story arc, which was never published online! Don’t miss a single comic!

Whether you’re young or old, SUBURBAN FAIRY TALES will bring your favorite fables into the 21st century!

My Comments:

My last Suburban Fairy Tales book came out in 2006 and only had 15 months worth of strips in the entire book. The most obvious reason for such a long wait between books is because Suburban Fairy Tales had ended in 2006 and those 15 months worth of strips were all I had. But I can happily say that my newest book, This Little Piggy Gets Even has almost two years worth of strips and it doesn’t end the series. In fact, I’m hoping that in another two years I can have a third Suburban Fairy Tales book out.

So what’s with the name, This Little Piggy Gets Even? Well, the first Suburban Fairy Tales book was titled “Suburban Fairy Tales: The Complete Collection” (it has since been renamed to “A Comic Strip Collection”). The series was meant to end with the first book. But since I brought the series back, the second book needed a title worthy of standing on its own, and calling it “The Complete Collection Volume 2” was not only weak, it was also kind of stupid. This was a re-launch, after all.

This Little Piggy Gets Even” just popped into my head after reading a book of nursery rhymes to my daughter. I thought it would be a funny and unique title and I couldn’t think of another book, comic, movie, or cartoon that has ever used that phrase.
 As a point I made sure not to reference that this was a “volume 2” anywhere in the book.

As an added bonus I put in a 12-strip storyline that I never published online. This story is told in sketches taken directly from my sketchbook. It’s the story of Red Riding Hood and how she fell out of love with Frog Prince. What’s unique about this story when compared to my other rejected stories is the fact that even though it didn’t officially make it into the series, repercussions from the ending of this particular arc changed the direction of the strip forever.

In case anyone is wondering, I’ve already thought up a title for my third Suburban Fairy Tales book. The book is still at least two years away, but it’s never too early to get a jump on things, is it?

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