Monday, August 9, 2010

Jay Piscopo: Art With Pop!

Jay Piscopo

He's a very busy artist.
So, let's get to it.

Meet the Artist - Jay Piscopo

Jay Piscopo is the author and illustrator of The
Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli all-ages graphic novel series.

Jay has been making state-of-the-art children's entertainment for nearly 20 years. His passion for using the computer as his canvas led him to develop his unique signature style of
combining 2D characters with 3D backgrounds.

He served as an art director at Tom Snyder Productions, where he led the creative team in the production of educational CD-ROMs, including the award-winning Fizz and Martina Math Adventures and was as an animator on the ABC Saturday morning show Squigglevision.

He was also the co-creator of the internationally distributed comic book series featuring the world's first disabled superheroes,
The Scrap City Pack Rats, which he created in partnership with Goodwill Industries. They published a six issue series which received national media attention for its
 groundbreaking approach and subject matter.

Jay is an engaging presenter with on-camera and radio experience who has conducted hundreds of comics workshops and classroom events teaching drawing and storytelling techniques. He resides in his home town of Portland, Maine.

My primary work is on the Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli at
there's an 8 page story with Captn Eli coming out in the
Reading with Pictures Anthology

There are 2 books available and a third coming out later this year--
there is a Sea Ghost one shot coming out as well.

I'm also working on developing a webcomic called
The Last Dominion featuring public domain characters and
an anthology of science fiction comics called Star Police Adventures.

The Last Dominion: The Heroes

The Dominators© Gladius© War Chief© The Giant©
The Purple Zombie© Blue Bird © story Frank Schildiner

Hip Knox©

Captain Commando©

The Smasher©

Free Commander X comic

Facebook gallery

Sea Ghost on Facebook

Find out the connection between
The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli and
Capt'n Eli's Soda HERE!

Wow! That's no where close to being all Jay's work.
We'll let you cruise thru the many galleries that you'll find by
checking out his links...but CCU must share this with you
because they're so darn cool. Enjoy and thanks Jay.
Come back soon. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! Really impressive-looking stuff. Quite the busy cartoonist, indeed.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Jay has been blowing my mind with his work for some time, The Last Dominion is my most eagerly awaited reading for the next year! His work combines a unique style and an eye for design and re-design that brings to mind the fun of the Silver Age with the colors and splashy designs of the Golden Age.
Great art is one thing, but combined with Jay's obvious passion for comics-as an artist he happily shares that passion not only with readers, but fosters the next generation of readers that may miss out on comics due to the relative "aging" and "maturing" of a lot of mainstream newsstand comics.
An artist to watch and an inspiration to me as a comic book fan to remember just how much comics can do.

Wit said...

Well said David. You hit the nail on the head when you said "Jay's obvious passion". It'll take artists like him to bring back the escapism
and fun to comics.

bad dude said...

hi,jay,i can't wait to see the last dominion,only two questions,however: will it be a web comic and also in print?
also,how many characters will be in it,and what are their names?

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