Monday, March 8, 2010

Cool, Really Cool, Dud

This week I went deep into THE BIG BOX
and came out with a bunch of cool covers, a few 
cooler covers and one not-so-cool darn near
painful front sheet.
First up:
no.331 JAN, 1981

Cover Art by Jim Aparo
This is a sweet cover produced at the start of
what would be a very tough decade for cover art.
New printing technology and young artists
made this simple style tough to find for a while.

no.4 Sept, 1994

 Art by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway
This is just one of many very nice covers from the
Zero Hour saga. Each story kept my interest much like this
Superheroes mask/cowl themed cover. So cool.
I love Hawkman's cowls along the bottom.
I do not love the bar code box.

no.29 Feb, 1975

Art by George Tuska
Very good art, composition, color and fun 'make' this cover.
Another reason I miss the 1970's pop art.
And by the way...Cage won't be joking about your looks
now that he's heard your name. "Mr. Fish".

no.10 Feb, 1995

What can I say. It's creepy good.
It's so weird you've got to pick this issue up and read.
Inside you'll see lots of splashy art (that was the 90's) and
not a lot of dialogue. I kinda like that.
You will also find a four page Fleer ball card ad. 

no.327 April 1994

Cover Art by Scott Mcdaniel
The outstanding cover art was carried throughout the
"Tree of Knowledge" storyline. The almost non out-lined
artwork on the interior matches the covers appeal.

no.1 Sept, 1994

I just dig the orange Moon thing and his funny grin.
It is a neat cover to a strange story.
The inside pages are also low gloss water colors of a
child like story for adults.
A nice piece to hold in your hands.
Did I say it's suggested for mature readers.

And now this public service message.


"One bad habit leads to another". Now I collect comic books.
I don't know where I got this but it worked. I don't smoke.
Thanks super friends.

Having fun? Not so fast.

no.4 Feb, 1994

I wouldn't have signed it either.
Simon Phoenix in the back there only has
one and a half legs... but he's drawn well. 
The colors are fine too but 'what up' with John Spartan?
What's he looking at for one thing?
Do I even need to bring his arms up? It's anarchy.
The page art is much better.
I dare say it's good.
Sell this one inside out.


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