Saturday, December 5, 2009

wrobbert cartoons by wrobbert

Hello Gang. Wit here. I'm Back from a deep space adventure
and I brought you a gift.
I present to you an outstanding cartoon strip that's
in a world of its own:

wrobbert cartoons by wrobbert

I am 48 years old and started out animating as a kid looking forward to spending my life on it.
 When I couldn't afford college I started experimenting with animation
and learning as best I could on my own.
Claymation was the direction I wanted to take.
During this period I discovered comic strips
which I've been doing ever since.
I love cartooning though I still feel the itch to animate (I periodically do simple motion graphics for a digital advertising signage network in Georgia). I have larger plans for wrobbert cartoons like
 animation and products but it's slow going.
I've tried several strips over the years usually working
on each until I got tired of spending time on a non-winner
at which time it was "back to the old drawing board". It's been fun.
I live with my wife Tami-Lin and Granddaughter Angelina in Florida.

Ah, wrobbert cartoons. They have a life of their own.
They tease me and have been known to hold character meetings of their own. One character in particular
likes to explore as much of the
wrobbert cartoons world as as I do. He (like me)
likes not knowing what he'll find in the next five minutes.
There are also plenty of characters that don't realize
what and where they are.
A seven foot tall door cleaning monster, a talking coffee mug,
a scientific friend with a hat fetish or an unexpected
Wiffle Ball game in your closet with a bunch of monsters
 is all in a day's fun.
 All I do is plunk down a few black lines and
smoosh on some color to show you where these characters
are and what they're doing.

I love history. It's full of so many characters.
I have read that for some creators who deal with characters those characters can be very real. So much so that stories
can sometimes seemingly write themselves
(to a degree). Stories literally can unfold on their own
and in my case it's not uncommon for me to just be sitting there
during moments like these with a big silly grin on my face.
I'm glad my wife understands....

I got tired of trying to come up with a clever premise or
something that's easily recognized
that worked so I decided to think the opposite
and get rid of any premise" altogether. One thought I had was
"What part of comic strips that I see a lot do I hate?"
and what came to mind was the part of certain strips where
the characters are aware that they are cartoons
and know that they are in a strip. Bill Watterson even flirted
with this idea early on with Calvin and his editors nixed it.
 He said he was glad he didn't do it. I don't know why I felt that way,
but I did. So I set out on the challenge to create a strip
around this "self aware" idea....

At this point I knew that my characters weren't going
to leave me alone and it slowly dawned on me
after seeing Monsters, Inc.
 that the characters in the movie were living a lot like my characters.
 On their own. All of a sudden my characters
were holding meetings of their own,
having writing sessions to help me out and
producing their own yearly awards show
amongst many other things and I was enjoying the ride.
They also tease me about my cartooning abilities
which made me laugh because they were right....
For now I'll just sit back and watch them and lay down
some black lines to show you where they are and what they're doing.
My characters have never made me laugh out loud until now.
I guess they all had to gang up on me for that to happen.
I hope you get a laugh, too. -wrobbert

We do and can't wait to see what they do next. 
I think something just climbed out of your ear. Don't let it get away.
Come back soon, Wrobbert  and bring your world of fun.
This planet I must visit.


wrobbert said...

Wonderful piece, Sid. Funny, interesting and I'm still laughing and smiling. I particularly love the logo in the right hand navbar.


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