Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Art of: Christopher Chamberlain

It's your pal WIT with more great artwork.
This time around I'm bringing you Canadian talent

Christopher Chamberlain

        Born in the great white north of Canada sometime in the last millennium, Christopher was caught many times by his parents
marking on the walls of the igloo while knocking over vases.

Eventually he turned to paper and other discarded items that took to being marked. Since then a few people have had him create some cartoons and drawings for their picture books. Christopher is always willing to scrawl on some paper for people.

Enjoy the next five pieces of art as Chris shows off:

"Our Hero"

I love this stuff.
The only thing better would be a drawing of me
trying to figure out the universe...oh, wait...

Throw your hats onto the ice folks.
Christopher Chamberlain has the hat trick.
Talent, Story telling ability, and a drawing of me to brag about.

Comic Creators United looks forward to seeing more of Chris and his
fine work on this blog and out in the world of art.
Thanks my friend. Come back soon.


Zena said...

Love Christopher's work...I am blessed with a few of his original pieces in my art collection. Thanks for this posting!

Wit said...

You're welcome. Chris has been an asset to this blog. His work rocks.

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