Thursday, March 26, 2009


Wit here.

In the spirit of education, I thought that I'd show off a snapshot of my home planet.
Planet Cranus. Oh, how I miss this golden paradise. I would often orbit the planet and observe many comets exiting the Kuiper Belt and skipping off its atmosphere. What fun. I know what your thinking, "Why don't you go back?" I get that alot. It's not that simple.
Over-mining has shattered this world into a billion pieces. It's up to me to reassemble this living thing, so I search for fragments. Any size. Any shape.

You can help.
If you see a rock of this sort E-mail me a picture. I have samples ready to share. I'll soon make them available. Keep checking back. Photos to come.

Gather the Ore. Beware the Hoardling.


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