Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wit here.

Here it is. "Comic Creators United" now has an identity. The image to the left of the wordmark is one of the awesome Civitas statues by Audrey Flack. "The Civitas statues are beautiful 22 foot-tall sculptures that represent the key themes of Rock Hill. SC. The Gears of Industry, Flame of Knowledge, Stars of Inspiration and Lightning Bolt of Energy. Audrey Flack was commissioned in 1988 by the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation to sculpt the Civitas. Civitas is Latin for “civic pride.” " This information comes to us from Allen Tate Realtors web site. http://www.allentate.com/ or visit http://www.audreyflack.com/
Now we need you and your artwork to get us Rolling.


Elena said...

Hi Wit,

Are you an artist or just a fan? Do you only want comics or are you interested in any artwork? Are you looking to collaborate and create something ongoing thru your Blog? I look forward to learning more about your concept.

Wit said...

I am Wit! I am the star of the comic strip "Galaxy Corps". I seek to expand my knowledge of all things Comic. The more artwork we can see, the more ideas we can hear, the more feedback we get and give and we'll all win. I seek any type of art send it and I'll post it. Poems, short stories, comic book, strips, any idea. Let's discuss it all. A blog based fan strip or story is a great start. Lets do it.

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